Long, long time ago in a galaxy far away….

… in 2014 exacly, observing RC Drift competitions and meetings in Poland, we decided to join forces and organize a series of competitions for Polish drifters. This is how a common idea was born. We called D10 Drift Battle of Poland.

Thanks to force of many people, in 2015 we organized first series competitions in various locations. Starting from Częstochowa and the already known „RC DRIFTWAY” through Warsaw with the climatic „RC DRIFT PARK”, Wrocław with it’s „DRIFTOWNIA” and also the Polish oil base – Płock with the „DRIFT RC” track to Kielce „RC ALL STAR BASH”. There we planned the final of the competition. The 2015 cycle shownthat there is many potential in our RC drivers. This was impulsion to organize the next series – D10 DRIFT BATTLE OF POLAND competitions.

We knew that we have to prepare something special. Therefore, next year was a time of downtime in our official activities. We alocate 2016 in planing next season. New cycle start in 2017, in new locations with changed track surfaces. Tracks have been prepared for the needs of the competitions, but also for new trends in RC Drift. We have completely moved away from driving on the „carpet”. The track in Warsaw „rc drift park” has even changed it’s location for these needs and requirements. This change turned out to be a bull’s-eye and we unanimously agreed that the first round of the next cycle will take place there. It was good. The next meetings were the hot July Płock, Wrocław „Psie Pole” and the final in Częstochowa in the vicinity of the nearby coking plant. We finished the season in October.

Since 2019, the competition has been organized during the HOBBY EXPO in Poznań in cooperation with MTP Poznań Expo. We are hosying in Poznań till today. Even hard 2021 COVID year couldn’t stop us. We hope all of you have a great time during our championship.